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In the modern world of medicine the society is giving importance and preference of the ultra modern Hi-tech hospitals and health care delivery system only. The medical laboratory technology isthe basic requirement for each and every medical institution and hospital. Our college committed to deliver quality education as per paramedical norms. This two year diploma course covers the basics of preclinical subjects such as Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology and Blood Banking. Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLT) do these tests by analyzing body fluids, tissues, blood typing, microorganism screening, chemical analyses, cell counts of human body etc.


  • To provide skill oriented training to students and thus provide skilled professionals who will be able to work in a variety of laboratory setting.
  • They will develop skills in doing blood, urine and stool examinations. Making slides for biopsy, preparing cytology slides etc.
  • There are excellent job opportunities for qualified medical laboratory technologists. They can work in hospital and research laboratories, public health facilities, industrial laboratories and in colleges.
  • Apart from just laboratory usage, many of the techniques developed for medical imaging also have scientific and industrial applications.

Duration : 2 Years


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