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Rohilkhand College of Nursing

About Us-

Rohilkhand College/School of Nursing is also situated in the Rohilkhand Medical College & Hospital  campus. College of Nursing is committed to excellence in Nursing Education,clinical practice and community service. The College prepares Nursing Student to be effective clinicians and leaders who will work to improve the health and health care of the people.
College of Nursing is a flourishing center of Nursing education, and service for practice. Our graduates will be clinicians, leaders, researchers and scholars who are highly competent, grounded in a sense of inquiry and committed to human caring. The College of Nursing will be a resource for knowledge that improves the quality of nursing practice and health care in the nation.


Mrs. Priyanka A. Masih (M.Sc. Nursing)
Office: Rohilkhand College of Nursing
Pilibhit bypass Road, 
Bareilly:- (U.P)243006
Contact No:- 0581-2526011, 2526012 (EPABX)
Fax:- 0581-2526054,2303345
E-Mail ID- rcnbareilly11@gmail.com

Medical Superintendent

Dr. C.G.S Chauhan (MBBS, MS(Surgery) M.Ch(Plastic Surgery))
Office: Rohilkhand Medical College & Hospital
Pilibhit Bye-Pass Road,
Opposite Suresh Sharma Nagar, Bichpuri Road,
Bareilly – (U.P.)-
Tel: 0581-2525107, 2526012
Residence: 56,Faculty Residence
Rohilkhand Medical College & Hospital Campus,
Opposite Suresh Sharma Nagar, Bichpuri Road
Bareilly – (U.P.) 243006
email ID- cgschauhan@rediffmail.com

Rohilkhand School of Nursing

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Rohilkhand College of Nursing

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